The Estee Lauder Companies CN.创新.Visual Merchandising & Store Design.Visual Merchandising.助理视觉陈列经理 in 上海, China

CN.创新.Visual Merchandising & Store Design.Visual Merchandising.助理视觉陈列经理


1.Counter Merchandising

Prepare Merchandising Guideline for each counter, provide training (both classroom and on-counter training) and make sure each counter’s merchandising is in line with the guideline.

coach & co-coach the field force of the VM concept & make them be an expert of visual merchandising

collect the counter VM photo on time, especially during the new open, renovation, new launch & re-promote, promotional event

localize the VM supporting materials with more competitive pricing without sacrificing the material quality

Place order of merchandising materials from IMW and PDC by the deadline.

2.Counter renovation and new open

close communication with regional PDC about the project

regularly, but promptly update the information to all related parties, especially “Sales”, “Education” and “Special Event & Promotion” team

closely follow up PDC for the project status and keep the related parties updated promptly

3.Outpost / Roadshow event

work closely with Special Event & Promotion team about the event schedule

work closely with both Product team and Special Event & Promotion team about the event theme and program to provide an impactful but brand coding event presentation

Outpost – brief vendor of the monthly outpost activities, to be responsible for the outpost layout design, production, installation, etc. Negotiate the cost of the outpost, and monitor the recycle using of the outpost elements.

4.Sephora’s VM support

plan and implement the VM principle in all Sephora outlets with the assistance of PDC

close communication with responsible sales team about the new open plan & recommend any new idea to improve the VM effect in all Sephora outlets

5.Others Support

Set-Up For Other Activities

Workshop – cooperate with education and sales to arrange the set-up of workshop.

Cosmetics Sessions - cooperate with education and sales to arrange the set-up of cosmetics sessions.


Assist Marketing Manager to control the budget for the merchandising display and tester units.


Work Experience

Required Background Characteristics

1.Ability to interact positively and productively with vendors, suppliers and other employees

2.Professional image and the strong desire to contribute to the company's success

3.Pleasant and professional demeanor at all times

4.Solid working knowledge of Microsoft Office applications

5.Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills

6.Ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously

7.Ability to work efficiently and effectively, while maintaining attention to detail

8.Ability to meet deadlines and work within time constraints

9.Thrives in fast-paced, constantly changing environment

10.Ability to work as part of the team, as well as independently

Personal Characteristics


Independently perform responsibility without need of supervision & follow-up

Actively share skills & knowledge with others

Help others fulfill theirs jobs / tasks

Willing to take additional responsibility when needed

Generates and implements innovative solutions, take possible risks to achieve goals. Anticipates, steers or adapts to rapidly changing situations as appropriate


Cooperates with team members to resolve problems and achieve goals

Supports team members by encouraging participation and listening to others’ needs

Encourages trust among team members through disclosure

Taps on others in the organization outside the line of formal authority (such as peers in other departments/divisions) for their skills, experience, knowledge and creativity

Establishes good interpersonal relationships within and outside the dept/division by helping people feel valued and appreciated

Offers own and accept others’ expertise to solve problems/issues when working with people from other departments/divisions

 Honesty and Business Integrity

Delivers results as committed

Cooperates with team members to resolve problems and achieve goals

Ensures that words and actions are consistent

Represents information and data accurately and completely

Deals with people in an honest and forthright manner

Treats people with dignity, respect and fairness

Does not share confidential information

Demonstrates sound business ethics

Continuous improvement

Takes initiative in seeking opportunities for improvement

Questions established work processes or assumptions

Generates new ideas and goes beyond the status quo

Brings perspectives and approaches together combining them in creative ways

Proactively reviews processes to identify gaps between desired results and current outcome

Treats problems as opportunities for process improvements

班次 白班

出差 接受,5 % 的时间

工作 Creative / Design

工作性质 正式

编制 全职

主要地点 Asia Pacific-CN-上海

品牌 Jo Malone

Language: zh

Job Number: 1818431