The Estee Lauder Companies CN.管理层.Brand Leadership..品牌总经理 in 上海, China

CN.管理层.Brand Leadership..品牌总经理

1.Ensures Customer Growth

Promotes and Protects Brand Identity

Ensures that brand image and position are properly maintained in people and materials, in accordance with corporate standards.

Ensures consistent interpretation of brand global objectives and strategies.

Represents brand in a professional and positive manner when interacting with staff, customers, business partners, and representatives of advertising agencies, the press, and government.

Monitors for appropriate implementation of brand identity tools. Ex: merchandising guidelines, media positioning, catalog advertising, product assortment, sales staffing, and store/site selection.

Works closely with affiliate PR and Advertising to ensure that brand objectives are clearly understood. Develops and periodically re-evaluates campaign.

Ensures that regions are provided with ongoing brand training.

Building business partnerships

Creates and maintains a network of cooperative relationships with business partners and key customers.

Negotiates yearly sales targets for brand with distribution.

Seeks guidance, review, and input from General Managers and Regional VPs to negotiate counter/store site selection with business partners. Final decision lies with the General Manager.

2.Manages Operational Effectiveness

Achieves budgeted sales and profitability goals for assigned markets

Developing goals, budgets, and plans

Works with regional Brand VPs and affiliate GMs to:

-Consider global brand objectives to set challenging yet attainable brand sales and profit goals for the affiliate

-Consider global brand guidelines and offerings to develop marketing and sales strategies to maximize sell-through

Formulate brand marketing objectives and programs for the affiliate

Make product selection, assortment, and pricing decisions

Makes decisions on promotions items (including collateral) and creative concepts

Develop marketing and media plans, calendars, and tools

Develop Sales objectives, plans, and programs

-Develop plans for Training, Merchandizing, Store Design, and PR

Communicates proposed deviations from global marketing guidelines and offerings to Regional Brand VP.

Collaborates with Regional Brand VP to work with

-Brand Marketing, Product Council, and Labs to develop products exclusive to market

-Brand Marketing, Creative, Visual Merchandizing, and Packaging to develop promotional items, creative concepts, and packaging specific for market

-Global Communication to develop communications specific for market

Collaborates with Finance Manager, General Manager, and Regional Brand VP to set fiscal plans and efficient budgets.

Proposes media and advertising choices and collaborates with the Regional VP and GMs to negotiate rates with business partners. Final decision lies with the GM.

Works with Regional Trainers, Brand Education in New York, and the Regional Brand VP to coordinate development of TR training tools.

Goal, budget, and plan execution

Ensures strong execution of brand marketing and media plans/calendars and major launches.

Prioritizes key issues and allocates resources based on need.

Leads activities associated with new door and market launches.

-Ex: choosing space and location, registering and forecasting products, ordering testers, designing counters, hiring and training personnel, and developing the marketing calendar and launch plan

Works with Regional Brand VP to ensure that affiliate receives products, promotional material (including collateral) art work, and other support within timelines.

Responsible for forecasting new products and promotional materials in coordination with brand Forecasting Manager (NY), Marketing Services (NY), and the Regional Brand VP.

-Interfaces with Regional Forecasting Managers to ensure that correct weighted product mix and current sales objectives are reflected in saleable product forecast.

-Oversees forecasts to ensure planning accuracy and appropriate inventory levels. Develops plans to reduce excess inventory levels.

Develops sales cycle material (or appropriate materials for support at point-of-sale) for sales force to meet specific distribution channel requirements.

Assists sales management in key customer contact to follow up promotional efforts and keep informed of sales-force needs.

Reviews monthly brand data and budget results with Finance and Regional Brand VP to proactively remedy potential problems. Agrees upon adjustments.

Manages brand advertising and promotional budget.

Coordinates field execution and provides feedback to Regional Brand VP.

Leads team to develop trade presentations and strong sell-through systems.

Ensures that no grey market is created. Solves grey-market issues.

Conducts post launch evaluation analysis of major programs.

3.Improves Business Processes

Identifying Opportunities

Collaborates with Regional Brand VP to identify opportunities for

-streamlining operations, reducing costs, and implementing financial and management technologies to enhance efficiency of brand operations

-cooperative initiatives across region for brand (Ex: marketing, promotions, business partner contacts, process improvements)

-cooperative initiatives across brands in affiliate

Evaluates competitive challenges for brand and identifies opportunities for growth and profit enhancement.

-Monitors competitive activity and trends in markets, customers, products, prices, and channels

-Conducts P&L analysis by door

-Identifies opportunities and risks, provides feedback to Regional Brand VP, and develops recommendations and initiatives

4.Leads and Develops People

Provides leadership, guidance, and management to brand staff.

Articulates a compelling mission – a compelling mission beyond the day-to-day tasks – in a way that inspires others to follow.

Acts with integrity – honors commitments, takes responsibility for decisions, and behaves consistently.

Establishes high workplace operating standards and values.

Sets performance objectives for direct reports.

Provides direction. Clearly communicates priorities and required results.

Provides coaching, constructive feedback, development opportunities, and recognition to direct reports and key distributor personnel as appropriate.

Works with General and Human Resource Managers to ensure appropriate staffing and establish performance management and development initiatives.

Sets and communicates high expectations with brand staff.

Identifies opportunities to develop high potential staff through involvement in new projects, expanded accountabilities, promotions, and/or transfers.

Ensures proper training of all point-of-sale, area management, and office personnel.

Ensures that strengths and skills of personnel are developed; monitors training with further coaching and counseling as needed

Influences others to achieve difficult goals.

Resolves conflicts and negotiates win-win solutions.

Shapes environment to foster open communication and teamwork.

Elicits diverse points of view.

Acknowledges views and contributions of others.

Maintains appropriate communication within and between the different functional areas of the brand, within the region, and with New York headquarters.

Makes final decisions in the hiring process of all brand personnel and provides input in recruiting key distributor personnel.



University level education

Work Experience

Leadership role

Over five years of marketing and sales experience, preferably in the luxury/cosmetics-goods industry

Experience with all aspects of brand management, e.g.: marketing, sales, training, merchandizing, and public relations

Provided direction, coaching, and developmental opportunities for subordinates

Some financial background

Required Background Characteristics

Basic understanding of the country’s economic, political, social, cultural, and business landscape and issues

Knowledgeable about the company and its culture

Broad and deep knowledge of the brand

Good industry knowledge and network of relationships in the industry – with customers, distributors, retailers, suppliers, advertising agencies, and other business partners

Personal Characteristics

Respected and enthusiastic leader

Draws others into enthusiastic commitment to the collective effort. Has a direction, energy, and passion. Inspires others to exceed expectations. Shapes the environment to foster a drive toward achievement, learning, and teamwork. Models behavior.

Displays integrity and builds trust

Honors commitments. Takes responsibility for difficult decisions. Honest and behaves consistently with espoused values. Confronts unethical behavior.

Emotionally even

Can manage emotions. Maintains calm and perspective in difficult situations.

Self confident

Knows own strengths. Welcomes challe

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工作 Marketing

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